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drive panel

Manufacturing Products

We are manufacturing all type of industrial panel boards as the followings

  • M.V. Panel (Main Change over Panel)
  • Motor Control Centre (MCC& PMCC)
  • Power Distribution Board (PDB)
  • Sub Switch Board (SSB)
  • Soft starter Panels
  • Desk operated Control Panels
  • Lighting Distribution Board (LDB)
  • Main Lighting Distribution Board (MLDB)
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC)
  • AC Distribution Board (ACDB)
  • DC Distribution Board (DCDB)
  • Local Control Panel (LCP)
  • Local Push Button Station (LPBS)
  • Synchronous Panel
  • LT Busducts (NSPBD/SPBD)
  • Metering Box